Grace in America Today

I was flooded with this deep emotion of gratitude this morning. This happened after catching up on the latest news while I make my bed and clean and clear the sacred space that is my bedroom. Then, like a cool breeze I hear “The seeds sown reap with the intensity of thy planting…it all comes back to you…sooner or later. Remember this when tragedy hits. Hence my time on the cross”…is how he is putting it to me.

It is Monday and with all the good that I am – I AM so incredibly grateful that Joe Biden is Our President. The hate coming out of the GOP is straight evil in plain sight. Corruption gone wild. Yet so many are blind to it…all caught up in it. Boggles my mind.

I begin to feel this deep despair in my gut. I sit down and breathe deep. I let it go slowly as I relax into my body. I settle into the heart of the emotion. I sit with it, this energy in motion with-in and for the Love of All.

I am guided to just hold it steady for a bit. I silently ask; what is this heavy sadness? Is this energy mine? I feel that it is both mine and ours collectively. We have all taken a part in stuffing our sadness down into the depths of our human being bodies. (vision: a prison cell holding darkness as being a cell in the human body as well as the body of Mama Yaya Gaia) Making total and complete sense (LOL) for no apparent reason. I snap out of it and think: It does not feel good. How do I clear it?How do we flip this bitch?

I wish to feel love. Deep breathe to affirm. repeat…until / …in comes the Son🔆 Solid and Strong. Unwaveringly rooted. He says without words:

“The seeds sown reap with the intensity of thy planting. ( long pause ) It all comes back to you ( “U” ) sooner or later. Remember this when tragedy hits. Past deeds do not go unpunished. If not cleared, they do come around again and again until cleaned and cleared once and for all. Hence my time on the cross. My sins were my own. For those with the ears to hear let them hear.” Is how he is putting it to me.

He says seeds of love are a balm…and Do NO HARM…🕊 Very different than the bombs we see going off…that seem to be doing nothing but harm. And…so – he says it as “sow” the cycles of war continues…

War stops when you put down your weapons. Open and stretch out your arms instead. Go home…and hug the ones you love. Stop following a master. You are the master of your own life. Are you not…” – C

I guess that’s the question of the day: Who is the master of your life? Is it you? Or who do you give your power away to?

Anyhoo, I just had a moment and thought I’d share how Grace came through gratitude for me this day. And, so there it is.

Gratitude to the Most High. God bless America and our world. No one is above the law. Period.

All for now.

-AMG 🕊🤍🪄

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