This site is about Life and The Divine Foundation of it.  We Co-Create Divinely inspired tools to assist the activation of thine own Divine DNA. (The Divine Foundation on Etsy)

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“Believe me when I say…I still have days that I question my sanity!  Then, some “crazy” random event or message comes at me from this unseen Divine energetic realm that solidly confirms for me that I am not crazy.  In fact, I AM right in the center of sane.  I am here to say that the Divine realm is real and…I am here to help people connect and remember how to listen to it.  With that said: Here’s my disclaimer: I am not claiming to know all the answers, but I do know that I have the ability (which we all do ) to ask, listen and receive guidance from the Divine.  It’s just like taking dictation.  I absolutely love listening, writing and the most recently by Divine Grace…I AM able to draw the visions that come before me!  (See Blog Post “Becoming and Artist for the Divine” for the detail on how that happened)  I am not a Preacher, Saint or an Angel….I am simply a (feisty) girl who remembers.  May the information shared here serve you in remembering everything you already know.” amg