This site is about Life and The Divine Foundation of it.

I offer Introspective Sessions that help people relax, in order to get past the analytical mind. The Divine takes it from there. Each session is unique and mind blowing! Just as, each and every one of us is…unique and mind blowing. I am guided by The Christ Conscious Collective, which is made up of Christ Conscious Beings including: The Ascended Masters such as Zachariah (My main guide), Yeshua Ben Joseph (That one known as Jesus the Christ), Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and many others that come and go as needed, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Angels, Light Beings and many…more than the human mind can comprehend. It’s beyond amazing! Note: Sessions are currently on hold due to La Corona.

This Site is a work in progress…just as I am. This will continue until my very last, source given breath.


“How did we get here?

What I’m hearing is: We are living a long and beautiful love story…that is still unfolding in perfect Divine Order.” – CY

Go figure. -AMG

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