This site is about Life and The Divine Foundation of it. 

We offer Divine Introspective Hypnosis  Sessions that help people relax and get past the analytical mind. The Divine takes it from there:

  • All sessions are unique.  Some people meet with their guides, angels, spirit guides, loved ones, and/or Ascended Masters.  Some people are healed instantly and some connect to their highest self and are reminded of who they really are and why they’re here.
  • Shared Session are available for view on our YouTube channel.  Please subscribe, share and “like” our videos.  That is, if they have been of service to you of course.
  • And…The most recent (Mind Blowing) Expansion to this work: Channeling The Christ Conscious Collective.

We also co-create Divinely inspired tools that assist in the awakening and activation of the Divinity within our own human DNA.  Down for Earth

Check amgsBlog for the latest ascension update, prayers, passages, mantras, concepts, or whatever else The Collective would like shared via amgslife.

How did we get here?  That is a really long and beautiful love story…that is still unfolding…in perfect Divine Time and Order ♥️

With-in and for Love,

AMG  & The Collective (from A to Z)

*The Collective is made up of Christ Conscious Beings including Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Light Beings and more than our human mind can comprehend.  The mission is to assist humanity as it collectively becomes aware of its Divine Nature so that together, we can create heaven on earth…As above so below.

*The Divine Foundation: The Divine: The most excellent, delightful, supremely good, heavenly, from or like God. Foundation: The underlying base or support of life itself.