This site is all about Life and The Divine Foundation of it… 🌹 My name is Ann-Marie Gonzalez and I AM, in service to the Source of Our Life Force. I am a Metaphysician | Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner | Artist | Writer: Author of Divine for Life

Divine IHP: In Person Sessions starting back up soon. For now, please feel free to catch up on some of our previous sessions on our Divine Foundation YouTube channel. Please like, subscribe, and share videos. That is…of course, if they are of service to you.

Link to the latest expansion of our work: Channeling The Divine Collective. Mind blowing even for the open minded. For the latest anything and everything: amgsBlog My most profound and personal: Becoming an Artist for the Divine. The day my grandmother left the planet. The first time I literally visually saw that one known as Jesus Christ and the message he had for me. And last but not least: We (The Gonzalez Family) also co-create Divinely inspired tools that assist in the awakening and activation of the Divinity within thine own human DNA. Our Etsy Store: Down for Earth

May this be a space to remember: All things Divine in/by Nature.