This site is about Life and The Divine Foundation of it.

I ask: Where to begin? Where you are of course. ( That is what the Divine says to me…with a brotherly love-vibe of where else would you start funny girl ) Therefore I will start there, which is here, now. ( It’s always now. ) Ironic.

In Person Sessions are on hold until further notice due to La Corona. During this intermission feel free to catch up on some of our previous sessions on our Divine Foundation YouTube channel.

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Here is the link to the latest expansion of our work Channeling The Divine Collective. We will be discussing how these channeling sessions came about and be answering questions regularly beginning in 2021. If you are interested click the contact tab and send me a message. I will add you our calls.

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And last but not least: We (The Gonzalez Family) also co-create Divinely inspired tools that assist in the awakening and activation of the Divinity within thine own human DNA. Our Etsy Store: Down for Earth

All for Now,

May this be a place to rememberÔÇŽall things Divine in Nature.