Listen for the Bird Song…Mother Earth is Speaking

Mother Earth Is shedding old skin as each and everyone of you. Conscious or Unconscious only you know…♥️

Quiet down…now. Shhh…Shhh…Shhhh.

Hush Little Baby, Don’t say a Word. Mama’s gonna buy you a Mocking Bird. Listen closely today for the bird song that surrounds you and yours today.

Take your time to look around the place. This Big Beautiful Earth PlayGround for All of Source Light’s Children.

Look up the spiritual meaning of that specific bird. ( Do not beat the shit out of it with your endless analysis 🧐 ) there you will find your message of the moment. Take a note 📝 and keep moving.

Back to the task at hand child…as you listen for the Sacred Sound of thee Bird Song. Most of All Beloved Children…remember…you are here to create and enjoy the sharing of thy creation. Choose to bring Beauty, Joy, Harmony and whatever else your heart desires as you do your final walk about…Beloved…Silencio Amoré One Moment. #STFU

Shhh…💋 This Gig is not forever.

– 🔆’s 🌹

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