We will heal this once and for the Love of all…🩸

Into the Shadows we Go

We’ve got to see it to feel it. And, feel it to heal it once and for all…🩸 #christbe with the people of #ukraine and the people of #russia

Something about our focus on the spec in our brother’s eye makes us forget that we are the Light of Source.

Instruction: Forget about it! Turn the other cheek and (imagine in your mind’s eye that you) SHOOT LOVE out of your own eyes, hearts and hands…🪄 Toward anything or anyone that is presented before you as Not Love.

We are here to Love and Beloved. We did not come here to war, suffer in dis-ease and struggle until death only to do it all over again. Nope! Not I.

This is A Reminder: Our Life Force is Our Super Power. For it is love itself, living as you. So…Just Breathe and Be Love. How? Do something loving. Love…knows what to do…♥️


Trust and Believe. – Yeshua


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