Grand-Mother Earth is Speaking MF – Silencio

Didn’t expect this one…but here it is:

The son rose within and the sun rose without again today…🔥 As I soak up the rays I AM cleaned (( CLEAR )) Ready and willing to light some “shit” on fire because this Granny has had it with the chicken shit oblivion. And…The entertaining of it has gone on for far too long.

Mother Earth along with the entire Cosmos attempted to crack thy Crown aka Corona open and allow it to (( CLEAR )). This is a Time to clean and clear yo shit humanity. Don’t get it together – LET IT GO! Red Alert 🚨
News flash: that’s what we collectively and individually are supposed to be doing. You are not supposed to be contributing to continued mis-creations. If you know me…listen up and do your work. My Source is vetted by 52 years personally.

Those that did and are doing the work well done…go into the silence every morning…and ”get better boots” all are going to need them. “Boots on the ground”.

For the rest of you still enjoying that darker side…of what you KNOW damn well is not right aka “shit” Fuck you.

We are coming for ya…🔥 Racists are done. Those that hurt children are done. Those that think you own land…are done AF…

Bitch, Mother Earth is HER OWN and I AM feeling and hearing her Roar…🙏🏼 GRAND-MOTHER BEAR 🐻 SPIRIT has awoken…Ay madre mia Santa Maria Madre de Dios Jesucristo ayuda nos…🙏🏼 Source my God please come through these human forms…for she will shake if she must. If you are a woman go into the silence. Go into the silence. Go into the silence.

There you have it…on a MF Monday Morning so try not to be a duck ( #LIMPDICK is what I mean when I refer to “a duck” ) today. Choose your thoughts words and deeds wisely.

We are sifting and sorting again…cleaning and clearing. Best…Get on board. It’s the updated chop wood 🪵 carry water 💦 gist to the gig. Capeesh 😂 and 🔆🌹 Remember 🐍 in the grass, watch where you walk and whom you’re walking with. #1234 #444 #333 # 222 #111 #000 ZERO POINT – Silencio…Shhhhh Start

STFU #christ #iamgslife #porvida #pirvidayque #jesucristo #yeshua #allin #greenlight

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