The Deeper you Breathe the Clearer you will See

He is saying “The Deeper you Breathe the Clearer you will See” for it is written. ? Many Divine Feminine Masters assisting…💋

You are to “Follow the Instruction” not follow the Hu-Man / Teacher / Leader: No. not how it works.

Now. Settle down and Just Breathe.

In nature preferably, but siting by a tree or house plant will do. All that is living is Divine in nature therefore will benefit all involved…the same.

Inhale deep and easy. Exhale deep and easy. Like Calm Ocean waves. Nice and easy breathing. Breathe deeply into the belly of the beautiful being that you are.

Relax into thy Body. The Mind will Quiet as practice continues. Simple and Clear.

Clearing of thy sight will become clearer as thy mind becomes clears of its static thinking/thought .

That’s it. That’s Divinity for You. Simple. The more complicated it gets the farther away from Divinity it is…🔆

Y via AMG

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