Seek and you Will Find

Seek it and you will find what you seek. This is Divine Law. Simply the Rules…of the game.

The Game: “Being Life”…of course. For in this Mother: Earthy Realm…everything is everywhere. But…Not everything is for every-body.

This is a land of plenty. Remember. For YOU…if you can remember correctly are living in thee Garden of Eden. Whhhaaaatttt?? Seeded and created by thee…thoughts of one’s own and the surrounding collective…entertained in thy mind.

Thoughts are magical manifestation seeds that grow into thee life lived. Like Magic beans…if you will and do sow / till…sunrise to sundown…🔆

Your mind IS…Thy very own sacred patch of land amongst the tapestry of the whole of creation. All that is living is partaking in the active weaving of the experiencial life we collectively cultivate and live. In a nut shell: we are speaking of manifested Physical Matter, Life.

The very threads that hold his-story together…if that helps the understanding behind the foundation of thy present existence. This must be honored not condemned. Please Remember this Truth: You are not responsible for the past but you are responsible for how you react or respond in the here and now.

Know that this time around – what you are choosing/doing and why. Is it YOUR OWN conscious choice? Observe how it feels inside that body you are in. That is your current frequency beloveds…and it is magnetic as fuck.

Make no mistake about it. Each and every one is responsible for one’s own creation. Your thought, word, and deeds are your own no matter how many followers you have or how many you are following.

Great Caution NOT to get swept up in the choices of others. How can we not? Fasting.

The Fasting that Jesus spoke of or The desert analogy means: Remove thy self from the noise of the crowd. Go silent and inward. Hands over thy heart.

Trust your own heart for a minute. You can trust…your own heart beloved. For your heart knows you and all that the mind can only contemplate, conceive, and ultimately perceive.

Let’s “Keep it Simple” as thy Coffee Cup states: Always choose Peace, Truth, Love and Light throughout the day. This is the Divine Foundation of a Life well lived.

Make it easy on yourself by repeating silently in your mind; I AM Peace. I AM Truth. I AM Love. And…I have come from the Light. Therefore I AM that Light. Divine…I AM.

The BULL-SHIT floating around in the mind will become clear and the SHIT is naturally flushed away. Note: Truth really does piss ONE the fuck off. But…and that is a really BIG Butt Becky…🌹

You’ve got to see it to reveal it in order to feel it to heal it. Do what needs to be done as it comes up in your be done. Keep moving.

Yeshua states (FYI – He doesn’t ask. He says it’s because his questions and answers are one. So…It’s more like statements – questions that answer themselves so…you just listen, if you should choose to speak to him directly. All can. Surprise!! LOL.) “What do you think ignites the spark within your heart. Huh. Your job is to keep that flame lit 🔥 .

How? By remaining calm, cool, and collected. How? By breathing deeply into the moment with every step remembering: What has been and what is, IS…for now…and it must be honored, not condemned.

Many have sacrificed much to get to where life IS today. Many have Played the Evil one…🔥 worn “that mask”…including YOU….U.

Take a moment to contemplate all that is…surrounding you and how it makes you feel. How have you partaken in its creation. Where you have focused or not focused your attention. It surrounds you. You (U) are the magnet 🧲 of that which you see before you.

Side Note/This Frequency: Feels like a I’m filled, surrounded and holy supported by the most intelligent easy going hilarious fun loving energy. 👈🏼 That’s the Best part of surrender folks…dwelling in Divine Frequency. It is humbling to the core and basically…annihilates the self. The complete obliteration of who you “think you are or thought you were. Gone. Poof. Wowza…🪄

Holy Fuck. A HOLY FUCK. It is what it is and I call it like I see (C) it. I AM way too fucking old to give a flying fuck about who doesn’t like what I have to share in this world. I have Yeshua Ben Joseph in my ear stating:

This IS The Garden of Eden…indeed and oh how we have collectively eaten. Belly of the beast if you will. 👈🏼 Do you carry it? Gut it or be gutted. More extreme than let go or be dragged….now.

I’ll leave it there for now. – Y

Truth IS Some NEED to learn the hard way for the hard way is what they have done to others…in that dead and heavy laden weighted past his-storical hidden shadow. Hide nothing. For nothing is hidden in the kingdom of heaven and you are living in it….dun dun dun…I AM. – Y

I think I’ll go greet the Sun…Now 🔆

Good Morning Sunshine 🔆🌹

🔥 Z to A and Back

– AMG 🔆🌹🪄

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