The Ascension is for Everyone

“The Ascension” is for everyone. All ascend. No one gets left behind.”

Detach from the hoopla. Get back in line with love and contemplate is the jibber jabber may just be that boat god sent to the man on the roof in the middle of the flood. Maybe….nobody is out to get ya. Maybe?” Or not.

Here is the visual I am shown…🪄

The instruction:
“Pour your love into the present and observe. Your life will bloom into the beautiful gift…it was always meant to be. Why? Divine Law – Love Blooms – that’s just what it does. Fear on the other hand distorts and destroys…🔥 we have seen plenty of that, have we not? So…Hum…The rose 🌹 represents Love aka Life in Full Bloom. The Gift born from the original seed of creation…Love. That which creates Life itself and you…are all physically Living it. Now, Get in line and just let it be…love.” – Y


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