When you feel like you can’t go on…

Rx: Sit Silently for one moment, 3x a day. Morning, noon and night. That’s 3 whole minutes in silence everyday. No Noise whatsoever…Zip, Zero, Nada, only Silence. Go there and Christ will meet you there. Yeshua, that one many “say” they “think” they know as Jesus says: It only takes “One moment” in whole and complete silence for the “holy instant” to occur or “happen” ( funny air quotes ) ie…the instant it becomes holy. How does it “become” – U Be it and it comes…Holy Child of the Most High.

He says: We are all god’s children and in the moments when we feel like we can’t go on. Sit in silence and rest so that he can carry you through…the dark spots…🔆 This is his second coming. He isn’t coming to save you…no. That is something you must choose with-in and for your…Self. He comes to you to teach and guide you through your heart. He comes through you, as you, for ( each and every one of ) you, for all are One. U and I are One. Sit in silence and remember this and what source of power..exactly…you are a member of…♥️

Make sense. Good. No time for delay. ✌🏼♥️🪄🍀

All for now.


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