The Root of all Suffering

As I go about my daily living, I hear in my right ear: The root of all suffering is the result of sowing unloving seeds. Me: Interesting…💡

The voice continues: These seeds are the weed spoken of by many. Pull weeds as you see them sprout up. Clean and clear them as you go…for weeds, if allowed to grow wild in the mind will choke out thy body’s vital life force.

A weed filled state of mind blocks the flow of life force coming into thy body, through the top of thy head aka thy crown, from thy source of thy life force. Me: Interesting. Please tell me more about this…🙏🏼

Thy Mind is the “Garden of Eden” and you are the gardener of that garden. Life as you personally know it is the result of the management of the garden(s) you have agreed to tend to past and present. As you manage your garden now will determine the future you will soon come to know. All is Choice. And…

Remind them Now: “You did not come here to get sick and tired and suffer all the days of your LIFE-time. That is optional.

You also did not come here to save people or the world. You came here to Love and Be-Loved, Beloved. Be that. U are that.

The world does not need another savior. The world needs more loving people. Me: Interesting. So, all I have to do is show up and be loving?

Yes. It is LOVE itself that does the saving, healing, or whatever else is needed to be done. Hence the instruction “Do what needs to be done, with-in and for love, as it needs to be done and it all gets done.”

LOVE knows what to do. It is Divine Intelligence. It is the pure power and potential that is keeping your body alive. It is the power that holds the cosmos together. It is the power that makes the sun rise. Rest assured Beloved, it knows what it’s doing. – Yeshua ( with his big beautiful bright smile energetically calling to my heart in his cool and easy way to remember…all about the LOVE that I AM. )

The way to make thy garden grow and bloom is to give it LOVE. Do the work. This is your work. That management of your own mind. Pull your weeds. Think Love. Clean and clear as you go. Your garden will bloom because that is what love does…it blooms.

Your Life is the manifestation of Thy Garden Beloved.

Pour love into your present and observe. Enjoy…the Blooming of Life as you know it. Mine, Yours and Ours. We are One with-in and for Life….🕊 Por Vida Y Que…Amor Mio.

Let it be Love. All for now.

Y via AMG

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