Old dark roots are burning out

Old dark roots are burning out.

Many are feeling the effects. If you’re not feeling well in the body * light a candle for yourself or light one for another who you know is suffering. Ask silently in your mind that the Divine Source of your Life Force clear this past pain from the body…with grace and ease. We don’t need to know all the stinky details of cause…we just need to really desire to be free of pain and suffering.

And…Like moths to a flame…all darkness goes…😂 all you have to do is rest and relax the body and allow it to be done.

Gratitude to the most high for the continual visuals these days. My tears have officially gone full spectrum. The absolute mastery piece that is Life is nothing less than Miraculous Magic. I AM a witness and I pray my vision remains divine all the days of this life I am living.

May we each and everyone of us let go of the heavy. Heaven is here in full force to clear it. Take good care of thy body. It is your home for now.

That there is the easy way. Choose to continue your ego driven sel-fish ways..reap what you sow you shall.

Divine will is always done. No mistake about it. Choose wisely.

Let there be light in your heart. That is what he says to me in closing. Let there be light in your heart.

Where Love it Lit all that is not that burns away naturally. Y


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