I am Peace. I am Truth. I am Love…and I have come from the Light. He said to me.

One of my favorite lessons: provided and perfected through practice by Yeshua, Yogananda, and Serapis Bey. It is through practice that perfection may be reached. An ever moving target. Nonetheless…this is a gift of thanks for all the good given this past year. Plenty more to come.

Solidify your practice. Sit in Silence for One Moment 3x a Day. Morning, Noon and Night. Silently repeat:

I am Peace. I am Truth. I am Love. I have come from the Light. Again…and again.

Repeat rhythmically until smile begins to form on your face…in pure joy. It will happen naturally. Worry not about how to breathe. Thy breath will take care of itself. It knows what to do just as you do. This is your reminder.

Boom…Self Realization.

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 2020

– AMG’ CCC 🕊⚓️🤍💫💃🏻

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