These Republicans will lead America straight to Hell

Wrote this in Mar 2016: (nuts)

Everyone is aware that full blown evil is nothing more than the continual misuse of Divine Creative Power right?

This is what we are currently witnessing:  The manifestation of the gross misuse of power right before our very eyes.   If…you’ve ever wondered how evil looks, feels and grows in power…wonder no more.  All you have to do is pay attention to what’s happening.  Pay attention to how the power within you feels as you listen to these Republicans as they speak.  It doesn’t feel good or right.  In fact, it feels all wrong!  When it feels wrong, it is wrong!  Pay attention!!

This is their interview to become the President of the United States of America folks and they are showing us that they know nothing about the proper use of power.   And…Trump is the Republican frontrunner?   The only place this poor excuse of a man will be leading people and our country is straight to hell.  There is no question about it.  I have no doubt the other two would do the same at this point! Honestly I think the Republican party is knocking on hell’s door as I type this up!

If this is not clear to you PLEASE pay closer attention.

Pay attention to those that say that they will support whoever the republican nominee is because they support the Republican Party even if it ends up being Trump!   Here’s a NEWSFLASH everyone: This is how you sell your soul to the dark side aka evil aka the devil. The moment you choose to support something that you know is not right inside is the moment you sign on the dotted line.  Don’t believe me?  Pay close attention to the tone and the faces of those that are currently supporting and speaking on Trump’s behalf.

I AM officially ringing the Alarm.  It’s time to call in the guards.  There is evil afoot and this is No Joke.

If you are reading these words, know that there is a reason, so please listen up.  “I” aligned with the Divine Power within me call upon you to take a moment to be quiet and still.  Clear your mind of everything and I do mean EVERYTHING…for just one moment at a time, many times a day.  Call upon your Angels and call in your Guardians within that silent space inside your mind .  This will bring them front and center.  Ask that they assist YOU in allowing the Divinity within your human form to express itself through you.  It’s time people!  NOW is the time to wake up to the Truth!

Truth:  YOU are Divine beings living and expressing Thee Creative Power of Life itself aka The Divine Creative Power of God through those human bodies you currently occupy.  Wake-up!   You ARE Divine Power “being” human for a very short time.  Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!  YOU did not come here to get sucked into and contribute to all that is wrong with the world.  You did not come here to support and contribute to evil crap!  You came here to learn, create, live and enjoy a beautiful life.  Do not allow those like Trump to influence how you think and feel therefore project your power out into the world in a negative manner.  To do so is how you allow the dark side/evil/the devil to suck you into its gravitational pull.   We (humanity) must rise above this.

We must tap into the stillness inside ourselves to really understand the magnitude of the power we contain within.  We must be still and ask for help within the silence of our human mind in order to know and allow the Divine to lead us and work through us.  This is how we become empowered to use our power properly.   Just in case you’ve forgotten, the proper use of power feels good and right inside.  It feels like Peace.  It feels like Love.  It does not hurt and it certainly does not invoke fear.  The proper use of power appeals to and brings out the best most excellent expressions of humanity.

What these Republicans are expressing is negative, ugly, nasty, evil fuel and if YOU support them…especially Trump…do not be shocked when you find yourself living in a state of hell.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

If ever there was a time to remember your truth…it is NOW.   I do believe the future of this great country depends on it.

I know the power that flows though me and each and every one of you, therefore I know deeply that there is hope.

I urge you…BE STILL and KNOW thy TRUTH.


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