Breath Work

Do some breath work. Yes it is a thing…Breath work. 👈🏼 Google it.

Your health and well-being requires your active participation. Nobody is coming to save you. You are Divinely guided with, in and for Love so that your way of being saves you.

Guidance thus far:

  1. Sit in Silence for one moment 3 x each and every day. Mind won’t shut up? Tell it to stfu. Tell it again if you have to. Master your Mind. 👈🏼 Google it.
  2. Bless your water and be grateful to it as you drink it for cleaning and clearing your body of that which is not Divine in Nature. It is super important to keep your cells hydrated at this time. Now to 10-10-20 best prepare ♥️s.
  3. Intentionally drink in the morning sun. Couple minutes is good.
  4. Breath work.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Pay attention.

All for now.

– AMG 🕊🤍💫

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