Gratitude to The Most High

This…kind of stuff…A visual representation I suppose of how many times I have silently called upon this specific being in the recent past. #GRATITUDE 🙌🏼 A solid reminder that we really have no clue how much Divinity assists. To hell and back he has gone and continues to go. He didn’t look like this when I found him on sale on some shelf on one our many fabulous heart healing adventures. He is #Yeshua and he speaks to me and shows me things I once “thought” impossible. “Thinking too much”. “Nothing is impossible”. Those words of his I know now for sure for he has shown me this Truth personally many times over. Nothing less than Miraculously Magical this specific being is. #thankful to the most high for all the Divine helpers and there are many. He states that he is not the only Ascended Master assisting Humanity at this time…but as One they are. Know this. He is one of many whom are at one with Source Divine. Call upon him or any of them. He says your so called religion matters not. He / They loves you regardless…with a smile brighter than the sun. 👁♥️ him. I do. I will for I know I AM now and evermore One with, in and for All.

– AMG 🕊🤍💫

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