Doubt not what your Higher Power will do with, in and for you.

Doubt Not what that 👆🏼Higher Power Above can or cannot do…for it will do whatever it needs to do with, in and for the highest and best interest of All…Life.

You (persona) are merely the vessel in which it works through. You are either conscious of this truth or not. It matters not.

What is important to remember is that lower level or unconscious level ways of being although rather insignificant to the higher clearer level realms except of course…if you should choose to Not align with the highest and best for all…can and will cause your-self (persona) to suffer on all levels of existence. We (TDC) are speaking to thee highest and absolute best you. Can you feel that. If so tune into that part of who you are and intentionally drop all that is not aligned with that highest and best for All.

This a Choice Point. If this is for you – you will feel it. Do your work. Drop the suffering. This is not a test. You are in it but not of it. Remember this. – Yeshua.

If this is not for you at this time, it will annoy you. Scroll on…scroller with the remembrance that – that which is Divine in Nature will never annoy you. That dear one is a hidden fear – a weed within your mental mind that you yourself must find and pull. Keep feeding it and you become it. Understand. Not asking.

To make it simple. Choose Love. Love. Just Love. Only Love. If it isn’t that. It is. It for you Child. – Yeshua

All can and does flip on a “dime” should your will align and ask it to be so…Beloved Child of Thee Most High. Does it not. Not asking.

🙏🏼 Holy Shift indeed. I used to wish for the day that I didn’t have to rush about so that I could sit and listen to absolutely Divine Beings that whisper in my ear. It is so much better than I imagined. And they say we’ve just getting started.

#allin #divineforlife #iam


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