The Sun’s Light is getting Brighter, protect the eyes.

So, a while back I was given a message regarding the need to protect the eyes.

My guides are pointing to the eyes continually again. Then this vision is presented before me. They state all will see what they need to see in it. Most will see the light and sunglasses presented. Either way, I AM to report/share the visions I receive and relay the messages. Therefore:

Polarized sunglasses are best. Get some.

Why? This is recommended because the Sun’s Light is brighter and it is only going to get brighter very soon.

Why? “As more darkness surfaces more light is required to neutralize and balance the field. There is a healing coming. Like a flood of light. You will need to protect your eyes.”

Message relayed. Do with it what you will.

I wish you peace within your mind, heart and body. – AMG

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