To wear a mask or not wear a mask is not the correct question

“Humanity discussing whether or not to wear a mask. ( ) Humanity the mask you need to be focused upon is your own, the one with your name on it. Now is the time to remove it and take a good look. Ask What power does this persona serve? Love or Fear? The Light or the Dark? The two faced shenanigan era is in the process of being escorted out of the human existence.” – Archangel Gabriel is on the right, dragon over the shoulder energy. 😂 Hey it is what it is. An angel standing beside her with her mask to the side. Revealing she is clearly from the bird clan. Instruction: Take the mask off and take a real good look. Ask: Is this persona aligned with Love for all or Love for only self and a select few? There’s more…but that is enough to get the collective’s message across. – AMG 🕊 No judgement. No right or wrong. Simply need to know information.

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