All are worthy to return home. Know this now.

These shadows on your wall…🌹Beautiful Beloved #Bryce Absolutely Magnificent!
As I walked through this place I was reminded of my session, in which Yeshua showed me this place where there were many lost souls lined up to get out. It looked like customs ( like when you go to another country ). As strange and crazy as this may sound to the “oblivious sleepers” this and many other sacred lands…are places spirit wanders to.
I could literally see men, women, solders…walking. They looked so tired. I was overwhelmed to tears. “Too many THINK at the time of death of the body that they are not worthy to return home to Our Source Light Divine aka God, the Oneness of all that is and will ever be.” Zachariah and Yeshua state that is NOT Truth. All are worthy to return Home. All. Always and Forever. So there. #truth
“Be the Bridge” he said to me so many moons ago…I get it now, but I’m sure there’s more. There always is…it’s all humbling as fuck too as I share this Truth. What a beautiful sight to see…so many scooped up…by that One many consider God aka Yeshua or Jesus the Christ and many many others…for he is not alone….🙌🏼 He’s got an entourage and it rolls deep! May they all Rest In Peace now and evermore.

This trip I shall never forget.


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