Think from the Heart Humanity

AA Angel Message of the Moment. They state we are about to build momentum. Ya’ll ready for this?! You were born for this very moment in human history. Ok…that said. Get out of your overthinking mind #humanity and drop down into your heart. “Think from the Heart.” “Feel what you feel as it comes up to be felt. Let was has been, be. Trust what you feel and know when you feel it, you heal it. You’ve got to feel it to heal it. Breathe…in Life Force…Deeply and trust your Heart. It knows all the sacred mushy Divine Love stuff that the mind doubts.” And…everyone knows that Doubt is NOT your friend. 😂 Yeshua’s humor vibe fills me up 🕊
If you find this instruction /doing this difficult, call AA NIKE She can help. This energy is amazing. If you’re still doubting that angels are real or if Ascended Masters and Loved ones are really around us helping. Now is a good time to find out. Heaven is here hot and heavy. In case you haven’t notice all are being called up to clean and clear up the heavy heart. Note: The Earth will not be destroyed because Humans do wake up to their own Divine Nature, responsibility and connection to All that is and All that will ever be. Sit in Silence daily. Daily Breath work is also recommended for the body is currently in the process of changing in density. Aka letting go of the heavy to – Visual is – have more space for light. Feels lighter too. Loving is Less constricting because Fear is eradicated from the face of the Earth. Source Directed Gold. 👈🏼 don’t know what that is all about yet. But they state to relay this info verbatim so there you have it.

– Yeshua and AA Nike


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