Let there be light

This memory (FB feed 4 years ago) made me “think” I Shoulda yelled ((( FOUR ))) years ago…They ( The Divine Collective in my ear ) Chime in Laughing Out Loud in the Sacred Silent space within me that only I can hear…which makes me LOL inside 😂

( Yep. Side note: You “think” I’m crazy. Good. I “know” you’re obliviously stupid. Offended. Excellent. Carry on)

Followed by Shoulda Coulda Woulda 👈🏼 Shoulda STFU. Coulda can’t and Woulda never did a damn thing because it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference. I know this whole heartedly and still I Am directed to “point to it anyway”. Why? Because God is always good and will always shine light on light so that eventually all find their way back…home to their own light which of course is inside. “Keep each other lit…🔥 Especially when the heart feels heavy. That is how you lighten it up Beloveds…💛“

Focus Chakra Solar Plexus – Personal Power – The Gut – Trust it. Yellow is the color. Focus on it. Breathe it in. Fill all the way up. Soak it in. Lemon-Aid, Sun-shine, Pine-apple Banana 💡 Light.

This is Light-work.

Trust no one. Look for your-self..✌🏼🦋


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