Clear the Mind and Keep it Clear

“It’s a fuckca alright”..In my finest English accent/aspect…I think to myself as I catch this visual walking back into my room.

I immediately hear “Clear the Mind Beloved and Keep it clear.

Now is the time. Practice:

Breathe and ease the mind. Let it be. Let it rest. Give your mind a moment of silence /peace. Yes Silence is Peace. Go there. Tell the others. The body follows the mind. Not the other way around. Breathe Beloveds Breathe. Fill the body all the way up with breath for it is your daily bread.

Passage through Troubled Waters: I AM here and I AM still Breathing. Standing strong for U (you) have no reason nor need to kneel to anyone therefore choose to Stand tall.

Ask for Divine Assistance/Guidance at all hours of the day and night. Yes. Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Source God 👈🏼 All real. Real as you and me. You just happen to be encased in flesh. “Human Be-ing” QUIET your Mind. Mass majority cannot keep the mind quiet…even one moment. It shows. Does it not?

All that is not Divine is being eradicated / eliminated. That is the word on the streets unknown to most. But for those that know…know this is Truth. Do you not?

Rest assured: The Holy Shi(f)t is well underway.

Ahhh this mysterious miraculous Christed Magic…Makes my heart “think” explore it. My mind is all in too for that which is currently playing on repeat within the human collective has grown way too dull and dreary. Would you not agree.

They said there would be another wave. Get ready. Me: Why? Humanity is dense. Extremely dense indeed.

And…Believe it or not (IDGAF if you do or don’t) The Divine Collective feels excited.

Like something really good bordering on wonderful is coming. They state the crack in the old skin is unstoppable now. Like a snake shedding its old outgrown skin.

Well done. 👈🏼 They state you know who you are. Those of you doing the work. Well done. Continue.

All for now. – AMG

#smoothsailing on the #horizon #humanity #ascending #iam #consciousness #zeropoint #holdit #steadyasshegoes

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