Moving through darkness one step at a time

One solid step with, in and for Love. Then the next. The darker it gets the steadier the steps must be. Solid Steps in the Right Direction.

How do you know it’s the right direction? It feels good aka right inside. Keep it Simple. It matters not whom did what.

Do what’s right now. Right now. Bless it all as you go about and be done with it. This is how Divine will is done.

Keep it moving. #1234 – Y & Z

Moving through dark passages brings up old hidden fears. That’s what fear does. It hides in the shadows, it is skittish and causes troubles through out the land.

Like a weed seeking to choke the joy out of Living Life. I AM getting the comparison of the birth canal. Birthing the New. New Life.

And…the good news is 😂 apparently all occurring is good news. Go figure…

You can’t choke joy out of life because life is joy and joy is life. It’s so silly. Just Breathe and Live in Joy. Don’t see joy “out there” or feel it around you? Bring it.

Joy is your God given birth right. Joy is your natural state of being.

Be it and Light this Mother up. Light her up. Easy and Steady now. Steady as she goes…⛵️

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