Rx: One Moment of Silence Humanity

Baby Step Numero Uno:

One Moment of Silence. Morning Noon and Night. This is the call. The Rx because creating, living and enjoying “the good life” takes active participation.

The more people that do this increases the momentum of Peace on Earth.

Set your phone alarms and for one moment sit silently still and listen. Just listen.

Observe what floats through your mind. Do not judge it. Not judging allows the thought to leave the energy field.

It is judgement that links or chains energy to energy. Invoking karmic repercussion.

Simply observe the thought and realize that those thoughts contain creative life force. Your thoughts if angry in frequency are fueling anger in the energetic field.

Understand. Me: not exactly ( because this energy blows my mind / simply can’t think, ) then yes I do. 😂

And…there is my daily bread. The bread crumb dropped before me. Wether or not I choose to look deeper into this message or not is my free will.

Divine Guidance is Divine Will. Am I aligned with it or not?

Yes. I AM


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