The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity

The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity happens one human at a time. It is a choice, made of one’s own (free) will.

It is the continual intentional choosing “to be” aligned with Love no matter what is present before you. So much so that Love itself is all there is.

To Be Love or Not to Be Love. That is the current question and answer of this day in time. – S

Where there is Love whole and complete there can be nothing else. All is made Holy in that instant. Rather miraculous to behold. ( with a smile as bright as the sun )

Beloved, If what is presented before you feels unloving, this is a clear call for love. Is it not? Pour Love into it.

Pour your love into what is present…humanity. Now is the time. Do not delay.

Then and only then will you enjoy witnessing each and every blossom bloom.

One big beautiful garden of Roses you are. Bloom where you are. Beautiful Rose that you are.( Exquisite Vibration )

Do not allow life’s thorns to stop you. Let them be. They serve as protection. Let them be.

She bloomed as she rose therefore he could call her by no other name. Rose 🌹

Keep it moving. – Y

In Gratitude I Thank you 🙏🏼 – AMG

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