COVID19 Breathwork

Extended version from FB Post – Now I understand why the Divine Realm (Yeshua in particular) has had us so focused on #breathwork Corona (fear) Virus

“La Corona” Breath / Lungs.

I was remind of this as I was awoken at 3:21 AM this morning with something that was whispered in my ear some time ago. I was feeling a bit impatient at the time because it felt like I was being given bits and pieces of a much bigger picture with this breath work he was teaching me. “If you got it / it happened (earth’s ascension) all at once beloved…you would not shift, you would shatter.” See! That’s how guides and angels do it. They drop these energetic nuggets of interesting “random” (NOTHING IS RANDOM PEOPLE 👈🏼 Still “thinking” like that ? Dear Lord please help us. They still know not….🙏🏼 and frankly I’m all cried out. Pretty sure that is also something I came here to do and many of you that these words find…this lifetime. Cry some heavy ass shit out of the most sacred parts of our heart. Feels like that’s all I’ve done for the past couple years. I’ll be glad when I’m done here. Kinda hoping this next phase of adjustment doesn’t blow my f-ing circuits. Yeshua frequency is beyond. So far beyond It’s like he’s had to come at me real slow as to not kill me with the intensity of his Love frequency. ) THEN he drops this

“Very rarely does a human being ascend to a level clear enough to embody such a Christel state. ?? Many examples of Many aspects of Source Embodiment though. Our many Beloved Ascended Masters at your service. What is occurring collectively which includes Humanity, Mother Earth and ALL that is and will ever be is shifting into a clearer way of living breathing feeling being.”

That’s what most of my crying is about these days. Not only him helping me let go of all my shit and ancestral lineage guilty by association crap…who knew right? But his frequency is to die for. Literally. Then he drops this nugget:

“Never in the history of all history has a group ascended without leaving the physical form. Many other civilizations have ascended but they all left “disappeared” from the physical density to spirit form. Like those that saw him resurrected. Proving Life itself does not die. The physical body dies.

Anyhoo…That is what is being attempted here now. Yeah. We don’t all have to leave the body or disappear. We just have to be a better human kind of being.

Yep. That’s what I’m hearing.

Hot off the press. 😂

I AM hearing that’s why the human lungs look like they have shattered by this Corona (FEAR) Virus. We are moving above and beyond fear. Eradicate fear from your Mind. Now. Breathe it out.

Another fun fact – I’ve ASKed the Divine Realm for info to come to me that I can share to help others understand the crazy shit I hear and say about life – what’s happening. YouTube has been a resource – which I have been and continue to share with others.

The video created by a New York MD I shared just happened to pop up “randomly” after hearing my little reminder this AM. He said it looks like the lungs have shattered like at high altitudes. #earthascending interesting AF to a girl like me.

Anyhoo – There it is – for what it’s worth. Do BREATH WORK people. Google it. YouTube it. Or not. Free will and all that rot. 🕊 #orale

Rambling – I’m sure – coming in too fast to filter right now. Got to get it out for if La Corona takes me out…my only regret would be not relaying that which in this case Yeshua has said to me regarding COVID19.

God Bless Humanity.


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