COVID19 got me crying my heart out in the bathtub again today.

Beyond difficult times. “We are going beyond…where no human has gone before…🙏🏼” They weren’t kidding when they whispered that in my ear so many moons ago. “It will soon be all hands on deck” they said.

And…Here we are. I know exactly what is at stake here, as do the many many others doing the clearing work. “Boots on the Ground” is what Yeshua calls you all. Those in it to win it whole heartedly. Especially All the Front line healers and helpers.

“Open up your Crown Beloveds. Breathe. Beloved. Breathe. Remember this now:

Breath is Life…Force. You are Life…Force. Every Breath inhaled with Divine Intent through the top of the head opens up thy crown.

Now, Inhale Imagine Light coming in through the top of your head. Exhale all density / the heavy.

Inhale, Ask to be filled ~All the way up with light~ so that you may serve without fear. Exhale all density / the heavy.

Inhale, Ask that your Heart and Lungs be filled with the light of new life. Exhale all density / the heavy. Allow the breath sooth you. You are not alone for with you I AM.

In thy every breath I AM.

Together we will heal the mind and heart of humanity of this virus with-in and for the Love of ALL.

Song: “if this world were mine?” He said it is.

All for now.

⁃ X Y & Z

X marks the spot. You are here: X. Clean and clear where you are until you feel light and lifted. For those with ears to hear.

Let them hear. – AMG

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