The Eye of La Corona 20/20

This picture and its message hit me so profoundly today: “The eye I see in the middle of my rainbow umbrella. Can you see it?

Reminds me to be the eye of the storm. When I AM…that I ( πŸ‘ ) The Full Spectrum Christ Light surrounds me, fills me up and supports me…when I hold that eye steady. “If thine eye be single. Thy body shall be full of Light.” Be the eye of this storm my darlings…πŸ’‹


It’s interesting, I can literally feel the energy getting more and more intense around us here. So…I decided to take a look at the latest regarding Miss Corona. I listen to some news and wowzers. Scary stuff. Although New York gov’s words β€œ the collective” I find insightful and interesting. Anyhoo…I take a step back, take deep breath and feel into myself and the fact that I’m feeling like I might freak the bleep out! Something I have been assisting others NOT to do. A lot lately!

I AM deep in my daily practice therefore I just stood there super still and took another breath. Then this voice…the most profound feminine tone I have ever felt in this Lifetime stated: “Hold thy frequency steady.”

Each word spoken with crystal clear precision and grace. “Hold Love steady for All.” ( Deliciously long pause. DLP ). Then in this infinitely softer tone: “Allow…. it to pass you by. You can love it and not touch it.” ( DLP ).

Followed by…”Now…back to work. Clean and clear where you are. Tend to the garden of your own mind. Eradicated fear. Pour Divine Love into the Present and watch this Life Bloom all around you. The Butterflies are Blooming I see. Keep blooming butterflies. BLOOMING Butterflies.”

They are implying that we are not becoming butterflies. We are Butterflies already and our working together looks like this gorgeous beautiful champagne golden colored rose, like The Light of Divinity itself.

Blew my circuits. Feels like I died but I’m still here. Obviously. Typing this. πŸ˜‚

Thought you all might enjoy my little story in the midst of all that is. Love to all. Hold steady. Doing my best to hold it down here…in my spot in this big beautiful world of ours. πŸ•ŠπŸ€πŸ’«πŸ€ΊπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’‹

All hands of deck…how many times did I hear this is messages last year. Wow.

Gonna try to write daily. Hope it helps us collectively stay steady. They state that’s what they are here to help with.


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