Be aware and clear about what you’re asking for.

“Ask and You Shall Receive” is Divine Law. Now is the time to become aware and get crystal clear about what you’re ASKing …for wether you are unconscious of the fact that you’re asking every time you think a thought…matters not. Truth is Truth wether you believe (be-living) it or not. Make sure your thoughts are aligned with, in and for the Love of it All. “Remember” therefore KNOW that The Future is not set in stone. It is fluid…like a “lucid dream”. We create it as we go. Focus. Hold Love Steady. Observe who’s who and what’s what.

For those of you who know exactly why you’re here and are deep in it “boots on the ground”. ASK. ASK. ASK. 👈🏼 The Collective is filling me with great excitement like something wonderful is coming for many of you. Well done #lightworkers #starseeds Mother Earth is doing well. Breathe and Take a good look 👀 at the bigger picture here. Mother Earth just needs a little break…a little “breathing room, humanity as well.” Well done anchoring in the Light. Healing is Steady and Green. – TCCC Z to A 🕊🤺🤍💋

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