Coronavirus – This is a Test

As many of you know…or maybe only the select few LOL (ya’ll know whom is doing the selecting…I know you do…it is felt in the heart triggered by the word relayed…XO} I AM woken up by what seems to be random information to the sleepers but is really like getting a “heads up” from the Source of my Life Force via Source’s/God’s Heavenly Angels. This is how it works. They wake me up with information. I then many times unwillingly or I AM trips me into experiencing the depths of the concept to not only work out my own shit but to share information that might, through understand what’s happening or about to happen, offer an easier path. A path / way to experience living life with infinitely less suffering or at the very least the end of prolonged suffering. This is something the collective has had me feeling lately: like people are feeling stuck like a “locked down, kind or torture, stuck kind of vibe”. These last few years I have been going through it…some Mystical Magical Miraculous experience in the midst of deeply feeling the depth of the shit show we have created for ourselves over many millennium.
That said: This morning I hear: “This is a TEST. I repeat, This is a TEST from the Emergency Broadcasting System. This is Only a TEST.” This sounded so freak’n familiar like I’ve heard it a million times as a child idk. Anyone else?
Anyhoo…I sit up (As usual to honor this Voice of Information) and breathe into the Silence: Apparently this Coronavirus situation is real and will affect MANY – #Lightworkers remember last year when The Christ Conscious Collective told us many would be crossing over in waves? One of the main reasons for all the portals all over the world. The reason we were to anchor in to the core of Gaia with Whole Hearted Divine Intent. The reason for our need to connect in these groups all over the world! 🙂
STOP for a moment and feel how this information feels to your Heart. Bad…? Please look away. lol What I have to say is not for everyone. This I know now with no doubt whatsoever. IF you Feel that pull from the Heart? Listen and Listen well…This is a test and you are to execute as if your life depends on it for there will come a time in the not so distant future if the sleepers continue their shenanigans (my word not theirs – not easy to find words for what they want to say…*) This is a blessing in disguise as you already know all is…do you not? Consider this a dry run…a learning lesson on how to remain calm and not freak the fuck out causing others to suffer.
Take note of what works and what does not. Pull your best dusty qualities out of your closet and start putting them to work. Get your HOUSE in order is what I hear and my impression is that it is our BODY. They are putting it like they’ve put the government to work. So that we may get to work. Stay home. Contemplate what is good and right for you. Eat well, drink well, sleep well. Take this time to remember what it’s like to not be stressed the fuck out all the time having to go here and there and everywhere. Chill the fuck out. LMAO
So…Structure are being put in place both personally (UNLESS YOU FALL BACK TO SLEEP) and pushed out community wide…to how to respond to an emergency situation. I am gettin a serious warning to pay attention to how this goes down now…because when this Mother Earth shakes – The new structure will be extremely beneficial for many living on the planet at that time.

The End. LMAO Early Monday Morning Food for Thought


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