🤍”Corona-Virus”🤍 How much more obvious can it get right? Everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. This #coronavirus is a collective, world wide reflection. As above so below…💫

How to protect yourself: Keep your mind clean and clear of any and all fear. Stop feeding it. This is the sole purpose of it’s creation. To keep the masses out of joy and love and keep fear alive.

How: Pay it no mind. Meaning give it no attention whatsoever. Use your breath. Inhale all the way in. Filler up! Remember: Breath is Life Force directly from Source aka The Light of God from which we’re from.

This is a choice. Fear or Faith?

You and only you are responsible for the state of your crown aka mind. As you breathe ASK that your mind be full of Light Divine…🌬

Warning: If you keep dwelling in fearful news, talking about it, feeling freaked out about it: This behavior increases your risk of contracting the virus. Why?Because your active participation With-in fear signs your energy up for that experience. 🕊🤍🌀 Make Sense? – Y

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