The kingdom has come.

There are Guides, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters present. Why? Because there is a clearing currently happening world wide.

This is a cleaning and clearing of old dense dark karmic energy stored within the human body’s cellular structure aka DNA and within the structure of earth.

This hot and heavy Divine Presence is Source directed because humanity and Mother Earth have suffered enough due to unconscious or worse, conscious self serving/centered ways of being.

Anyhoo…Long Story. In a nut shell: That which does not serve the greater good of ALL is now or shall soon be slated to be transformed to Light or eliminated completely.

Help is here all around. All you have to do is ask silently in your mind for Divinity to assist you with how would be best for you. Note: You must ASK. Add “with ease and grace” to your ask – trust me. Or not.

Either way: Fear not for ALL is of One God, One Source and it’s ALL LOVE. We are simply at a choice point – It is simply a matter of choice here on this earth. You either serve the Light (All) or serve the Dark (You self serving/self-centered – no regard or care for others). Love or Fear.

In case you’re wondering what side you’re teetering on look around. It’s all a mirror. Do you see and feel light and lifted (heavenly) or dark dense and heavy (hellish). That’s your answer.

Note: The Kingdom is not coming. It is already here. Best align with it now. – Y 🙏🏼

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