Surrender some more…He said.

Turns out Surrender is a whole lot deeper than I originally anticipated.  The “State of Surrender” is no joke. Why? Because to surrender means that you are about to drop all that you hold within the cellular structure of your mind and body that is not Divine in Nature. Why? Because that which is not Divine in Nature is dense and heavy.  

What I know now that I didn’t know then is, the heavy…is emotional density. Accumulated pent up emotion that for whatever reason was not felt therefore experienced at the time of specific associated events.

My team describes everything as having a purpose. This one being: “this density has held space within you for a time when you would require the room for the increase of life force energy that you would one day bring through thy human vessel.” Hmmm….food for thought.

Back to the releasing of the dense heavy stuff we hold within our cellular structure…you will feel it as this is released. You feel whatever it is that you did not feel or fully feel at the time of event which is why this crap residue has been held within the body.  July and August for me were like being put through the spin cycle.  Any and all old trauma and drama was brought to the surface to be surrendered and healed. You’ve got to feel it to heal it. My best advice is – soak in water when deep emotions come up and cry it out. Epsom salt baths ranked above food in August.

September started off no better.  On September 6th, I wrote:  It seems that many days have passed and all I can and want to do is give it all up. Done. I AM…mainly done with my self and all my self created bullshit. And…As for other people’s bullshit? Absolutely no time for it. October and November, more of the same. 2019 is definitely a year of cleaning and clearing out the old.

The good news…December feels much lighter. Gratitude to All.


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