Questions for The Christ Conscious Collective

A Yeshua clip from our very first Channeling Session with Vanessa…♥️ We have another session set for this Saturday via our second identified Channel (Calling her C2 for now).

This Christ Conscious Collective has given me much information over the years including that he (Yeshua the One known as Jesus Christ) would “One Day” be speaking To and Through Many and that I would know when. And, when I knew I was to say “when”.

I AM saying When! Now!

They also said I would be able to photograph the angels and light beings that would be participating in healing sessions. I have taken Phenomenal Footage for those with eyes to see. It is no less than mind blowing to me and it never ever gets old…to me.

Super long story made short which brings us current.

Yeshua has asked me to take questions from others (outreach and channel is how he puts it) therefore I AM. Divine will be done. Message me is you’d like to ask anything…💋. Answers will be messaged back.

I will start taking questions on Wednesday for Saturday Channeling session.

This is open to One and All no matter your gender race religion or lack there of…🙏🏼♥️✨

This is not about any of that. This is about Love and our realignment to it. They state we are going above and beyond old outdated limiting beliefs and structures.

They state that we are going beyond where no human has gone before.

All for now.

Send me your questions.


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