Let Go or Be Dragged

Let go or be dragged are the words that continue to come to mind. Words I know as Truth with absolutely no doubt…now.

Speaking from my own personal experience, the second option is…NOT SO FUN. Necessary for the stubborn (like myself) I suppose.

Nonetheless (literally), as I AM observing from a different vantage point at this moment I feel this as Truth…for I have taken both routes from time to time throughout the last two years of this life specifically.

It has been my experience that it is much more enjoyable to let go and simply let Life be.

Here’ why:

  • Life literally feels free, easy and magical when I don’t attempt to control it. Why?
  • Because Life knows what’s up. It knows “The Way”.
  • Next question: The Way to what? To where?
  • Suddenly…I remember that “Love” is always the answer to every question.
  • Therefore Life knows the way of (the what) and/or to Love (the where).
  • Then suddenly…I remember that I AM Love.

Let go or be dragged to that realization, revelation.

The CCC states that ALL will return to Love eventually. It’s inevitable.

  • Then I remember that Source aka God is Love.
  • So, if God is Love and I am Love then God and I are One.
  • One Love. One Life.

Revelation after revelation…💋

With-In and For ♥️…AMG

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