Heart Clearing in Progress

Here are few…of my 🎶 favorite 🎶 things…💋 The song that flows through my mind as I start to count how many of these sweet little darlings..I still have. I then begin to “think” how special this particular gifted project feels to me. I mean, I AM seriously still amazed and in compete awe that this event actually occurred. 😂 Funny too because I AM reminded ( by him ) of how many other similar events I have experienced in this lifetime. Truth Indeed and still each and every one feels Miraculously Magical to me! Then a memory pops into my mind hitting my heart: It was of me years ago, attempting to explain how to manifest something better to someone I cared about. And, this person looked at me like I was some crazy kook. Then, proceeds to call me Mary Freak’n Poppins! I remember it hurt my heart back then…💔 because their words were spoken with such annoyance. Hmmm, I wonder if this person even remembers this. Hahaha! Because NOW it is simply amusing to me because It was supposed to be an insult but little did said person know Mary Freak’n Poppins is one of my heros. LOL All I feel is #Gratitude now for the light shining on my heart clearly showing me the last bits of past dark residue specks of hurt I still had stored up in there…brought forward to be released once and for all. #clear #thisheart #imdonehere #sanddollars #seabisquits #pansyshells #gratitude #yeshua #jesuschrist #allin #iam #askandyoushallreceive #loudandclear

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