The Divine Portal

The day I was given this visual of the portal The Divine Realm uses to come and go during sessions, I was brought to tears. Seeing it today it still brings me to tears…but not for the same reasons as before.

At that time I “thought” proof was needed so that people could believe what they had perceived in their session was indeed real. “Proof”…ya know…we humans…”think” we need prove everything…✨ Well, Guess what? Didn’t really matter then. Still doesn’t.

Proof or not, some…will never believe in anything beyond their own limiting, (tiring sickening) thoughts. That’s just the way it is. Period. My Guides continually remind me “it is all choice.”

Today, one year later my tears are of pure Gratitude, Awe and Joy because I am finally at this place where I completely understand why Zachariah and Yeshua have continually repeated “prove nothing to no one.” “Just Breathe and Do the Work.”

That is exactly what I intend to do from here on…out! 🙂


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