Quench Your Own Thirst

Stopped at a red light a few days ago, looked over and saw this Fancy Horse. I just happened to be asking for guidance on a situation and was reminded of when my guides first brought me the horse message, when I was in the midst of some other frustration I was felling with some-body else 😂 : “You can lead a horse (hair all done – look’n all fancy – it matters not) to water. The End.” (Yeshua type humor / vibe delivery too – like saying nothing new here, just shorter and more to the point. Like, no more time for explaining. The older version being: “but you cannot make it drink. That is a choice that each must make by their own free will. To quench ones own thirst…that is.” Remember that Beloved. “Do what you can where you are with what you have and keep moving.” “Keep quenching your own thirst. You too are that horse from time to time. Remember that as well.”

– A to Z more like Z to A!

All for now.

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