Beetle Message

img_0120So…this rainbow colored beetle has been flying around me lately as I go about cleaning and clearing the grounds around here. I simply haven’t taken the time to look up the message the beetle brings.  (That’s how you honor Life’s spirit and its messages.) This, as I await my next step to become clearly presented before me.  I continue to practice and process the shit out of these deeply felt emotional flood gates that seem to have been opening systematically for almost a year and half now.  I know!  That was a mouthful but it’s been rather intense in the vessel (as they call it).

Well today, Princess_Laya took a flying leap as it did it’s daily drive by and she ATE it! SIMULTANEOUSLY I just happened to be texting a response regarding a family matter in need of healing.  Wild guess what I did…I looked up the meaning of the beetle.  (Picture Above)   RIP Beetle Bug.  I AM sorry.  Please Forgive Me. Thank you.  I Love You.

Current guidance is “Take your time. There is no rush necessary now or evermore  👈🏼 they add. They find it funny that we rush around “as if you are really going anywhere at all” idk? That is the impression they give me.  Crystal clear impression i might add…therefore I do. I will and I AM to share this and will state that I AM simply taking dictation at this point. They continue: “The only thing you rush to is your own sooner than later human death beloveds, when you live life in that manner ( Long Pause. ) That is no way to live. No way that honors Life that is.  Life is precious and pure.  It is to be nurtured and taken care of like a new born babe.  Moments are to be savored and enjoyed.  Celebrated to the hilt! Especially when lived within the fullness of thy sacred heart’s most beautiful most Divine Desire for One and All”

“Take Note: Children of the Light: Things are becoming crystal clear now.  It is very easy to see and feel who’s who.  Meaning who’s chosen love and who has not yet…que no? True colors aka choice (point) decisions are still in the process of being made at this time.  Some are still flying blind. Fear not. Do not rush this process beloveds for it is you yourself that has and continues to hold this window open providing more time for others to “get on board” “The Love Boat 🎶 Exciting and New…come aboard.  We’re expecting you. Choose Love Now.  Make it Right Now.  Now is the Time.  That’s your ticket.” Or not, Storms ahead – hit harder upon the stubborn of heart.  Apparently some of us like the hard knocks.  Not I. Message relayed.  Do with it what you will.

May all beings upon this earth be at peace knowing that we are safe and protected.  May we sleep through these dark nights with ease.  The light has been anchored.  Rest with intention now.  This break will not be long for some.  Rest now.  Sleep now.  Grace Period.  Rest with intension.  Relax through the night with ease and grace.

Practice – AMG


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