When life as you know it no longer fits

My team of Divine Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters say: when life feels like it no longer fits, surrender some more. To which I respond I feel like I have been surrendering for years now. When is it going to stop?! They ask: are you uncomfortable enough to release your grip on what is? We cannot bring you infinity better if you continue to hold on to what is. And Beloved, we have infinity better to bring you…♥️

They state that the Guardians and Angels of Divine Love and Light will never pry your hands open to reach for something better. That is something we must all choose to do on our own. Holding on to that which it is time to let go of causes discomfort within, lack of sleep. (allowed to continue – over time) artritis and other joint and body stiffness issues will manifest in the body.

They also state that surrender is something we will continue to do until you have nothing left to surrender.

– amg from A to Z

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