Let go of the suffering already

I have Yeshua in my ear this morning and he is currently dancing around in the most easy delightful way… he is such a groovy being, this One known as Jesus Christ. He is like the ultimate Master Hippie but without the drugs (tools he says without missing a beat) “it’s ala Natur-al” he says with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen with this third eye of mine….👁 It makes me cry right down to the depth of my being…♥️ If you don’t know his Love…ask to know it. That is my best advice I will ever give. Straight up. I know this within every cell of who and what I AM.

Anyhoo ( Annie – Who? As he in his most delight way…continues to teach me how to hollow out my name 🙂 His message:

“You do not need to suffer so. You do a little ” (holding up fingers about an inch apart) because of choice and the experiences tied to those choices but for God’s sake (literally) you are not supposed to drag it on ( you’re experiences ) for hours, days, months, lifetimes. That way is…way too heavy man. ( full on hippie mode ) This is the cause of suffering my people. You are to feel it, learn from it, and move on.

Many of you are in the process of releasing accumulated experience that was not felt at the time for whatever reason ( Doesn’t matter – do not go there. We are not going that way ). What matters now is that you all let it go already. You have heaven at your beck and call, here now, to assist you.

Ask for assistance and make sure you add “with easy and grace” to that ASK. This process does not have to be difficult. You make it difficult because you hold on to everything. Let it go already.

Where we are headed that behavior is no longer needed. Understand? We are moving above and beyond any and all suffering.

All for now…

And like a breeze he steps back letting me know that is all for now.

– amg & Yeshua

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