Yeshua picks up each child personally

Do not dispare. He has the children. Every last one. He and his entourage of heavenly angels pick them up personally. I really hope you can see the vision in this video below. It is so beautiful and emotional. The crazy thing about it is – this is our “shit shovel”.

Which is tied to a lesson I AM learning at this time. Look past the crap on the surface and just go in and make it right. Do what’s right. Like how he picks up each and every child personally. He would have it no other way. He says to me.

There’s an angel leading him to the forest. He is holding a child in his arms covered by a heart. Children are in a line following him. White horseman ready to pick them up and take them home. 😂Yep! All that from Yeshua and a Shit shovel. 🙏🏼 #yeshua

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