Why is this ascension so emotionally messy?!



Video: I noticed some light flickering to my right as I sat patiently waiting to handle some bank business today. Taking one solid steps toward the growth and expansion of love on this earth. Note: I just happened to be questioning my team: why does this #ascension have to be so emotionally messy?! Truth be told, I have been beyond emotional lately and by lately I mean for the last year.

This is the human condition beloved. The product of the accumulation of the human’s way of being. Generational Life Lines are being cleared both individually and collectively. Life as it is currently known is being re-constructed and construction is always messy. Is it not? (Yep, got it, good point)

The old and outdated is being demolished to make room for the new on every level of existence. “Full Spectrum” Collectively you feel it. The emotional instability is due to the fact that humans are all over the place via thought, word and deed.  Because there is more light flowing in at this time this condition is intensified.  “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” ”

Hold your light (attention) steady and focused on love so that you can clearly see and feel what is not (of the) light (dense and dark) and consciously, intentionally release it.  Give it up to the Light.  It’s that simple.  Darkness simply cannot exist in the Light.  It can hide in dark spaces and places within you and without you.  Let what needs to go….go (what does not serve the greatest good of ALL).  This creates space for your conscious, intentional welcome and gratitude for all you would love to stay (that which does serve the greatest good of ALL).

Ground your energy down into the Earth, as you breathe and go about your daily living. This will stabilize your energy field (life force) as you continue to clean and clear out thy vessel.  This is your work.  You are doing great work.  You are almost there…it’s just around the corner. (smiles – inside joke)  And…Please Beloved…Know that we are with you, leading, guiding you with, in, for and toward Love every step of The Way.

All for now.

– amg

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