Jesus take the wheel

Sitting here stretching and listening with Divine Intent I throw myself back on my mat (in dramatic silence) open my palms and silently state I give up. I’m done. Stick a tuning fork in it. AMG is done. Jesus take the wheel kind of done! Then I snapped out of it!

I asked as I simultaneously felt his presence (He really is crazy magical like that!); you say all must walk the walk themselves. Choose love over, under, through and through of their own free will. The guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc will not nor can they do it for you. Therefore, if that is the case, what’s the deal with Jesus take the wheel? How does that work?

“Giving me permission to enter your sacred space allows our frequencies to merge. The integration can feel so intense that one’s perception may be that I actually (finger quotes) take the wheel. What actually happens is one feels Divine Love aka Remembers who and what one really is and is miraculously magically instantaneously empowered by their own Divine Truth.  The strength and righteousness of one’s own power aka self or frequency takes over.” Simply put.

He says he is not the only one, Ascended Master helping. There are many!  He also reminds me that his name is Yeshua. LOL  Then gets right back to his message: Heaven is here NOW and All are available to assist in any way needed.  Call upon them.

They have come to assist humanity on the grandest scale ever known to man and the cosmos. Mass ascension. Ascension of the masses.

All for now – amg

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