A Divine Army of Angels

There is a Divine Army of Angels ready and willing to Assist you at every moment of your Life. You don’t have to “Believe” in the Divine Realm and all its Angels and Archangels for them to help you either. All you need do is Call them in and ask for their help, especially when you feel the first inkling (sp?) of despair. They make letting go of all the shit we hold on to easy. Don’t believe it? Ask! You’ll see. Or you can continue to suffer if that is what “your will” chooses. Per Yeshua – that One known as Jesus Christ states “Human suffering is not Gods will. Suffering is a human choice. It is the result of the choice to hold onto thoughts, words and deeds not based in Love.” A mistake. Simple as that. A Mis-Take. Call them in. “Take Two” “Start again he says. Let it go and start anew. Choose that. Choose #Love.” #humanity – call in the Angels. They can assist you in letting yesterday go. Just keep calling them in. Your will shall be done whatever way you choose. Know that. That’s how it works. #divine #angels #archangels

One response to “A Divine Army of Angels”

  1. I believe this, too. And they don’t mind what religion you practice or don’t practice. It is hard to grasp for the human in us, but the Angelic Realm love us unconditionally. Lovely post. Namaste 💕🙏💕


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