The Love Grid

The Love Grid: (Don’t buy into the fear based “End of days” bullshit). We are simply moving into Divine Time | The end of time as we know it. This simply means we are moving into more conscious loving way of being | living Life. May this visual of “The Love Grid” serve us in remaining present and conscious so that we may …Vibe Love in the Here and Now. For it is our active participation that shall solidify the fresh new future energetic grids/structure that shall surround, support and sustain Life as we know it on this Planet Earth. Bottom Line: Live the Love Vibe…Simple as that. This is the current call. Note: Everything requires our active participation to continue to BE. Therefore our way of being is our contribution. Be conscious of what you choose to participate in. Choose peaceful and loving things. ps…The choice “not to” choose that which vibes at this frequency is free will and apparently fine too but the warning is that the suffering shall be in direct proportion to the level of hatred and fear we project both individually and collectively. Truth is: it shall returns directly back to You. It’s always been this way but the lag time is moving toward instantaneous aka Divine Time. Something to contemplate. Right?

Now would be a good time to shift over to the brighter side. The darkness will swallow you up if you’re not careful. It’s seeps in and grows via negative, chatter inside mind and spoken outwardly. Watch your thoughts, words and deeds. Chose Peace. Chose Love. Then keep choosing it until your very last breathe. Then living within this density will have served its purpose.

-amg and The Collective of course. ✌🏼♥️✨

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