Point to it anyway

I have wished to be able to show you what I see and at this point I don’t know if my wish has been granted nor do I care.  I feel so completely over it now, mainly because my attempt to show others pulls me down into this density, that makes it very difficult for me to function.  He says, point to it anyway for there are those that can see and this is for them.  He also reminds me that we are in this life together and that I need to “get over myself”.  He reminds me why I’m here and that I AM to keep my focus on Joy to get through this in peace with whole lot of grace.  (implying I haven’t any…to which he corrects me, you feel that way.  You. An feel any way you choose beloved. I hold no judgment of you.  I AM One hundred percent neutral. I AM here and clear for you.  I AM here so that you may see your own reflection clearly.  “There is no problem. There are no mistakes. Every being reaps what they themselves have sown. Just enjoy living Life”…long pause…”What’s so difficult now” he says. (Inside joke with his brotherly love humor)  Followed by Enjoy Living or turn around and do it all again.  (more like a tell it like it is Father)

Me: No way.  I do not want to go back and I do not want to do any of it again.  “Good choice, that was your only choice actually, it’s too late to go back now. ( beautiful smiles ) As if there was something to go back to.  There is nothing back anywhere. There is only now and you are not the only one.  There are many just like you all over the planet going through this as you are.  Share, Connect, Outreach, Channel.  The more you connect, the more you help each other rise in frequency.  This is what we came here to do and exactly what is happening individually and collectively as well as planetary (earth) and the cosmically.  All is One and you are an intricate part of the whole thing.

There you have it…the reason I share what I do.  Yeshua asked (more like a statement lol) me to “Be the Bridge” a few years ago and I AM telling you that Yeshua and many many other Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, you name it – they’re here and they are making their presence known. I don’t know why exactly but pay attention to your energy. “Choose Love and then keep choosing it. Fear not no matter what shows up before you. It is imperative that we (collectively) hold the vibration of calm, cool, peaceful love steady within us. Hold it Steady Now, like the eye of the storm. Be like the eye of the storm. Rest and relax there.”  That is how he is describing it to me.

Watch this and allow your eyes to see Divinity in action. Look up more. Trust Life. Yeshua is a Badass and it seems to me like he is leading this collective ascension, great awakening, “the event” (he laughs – it’s one long event folks) best believe you are in a choice point for a storm is a-brewing and if your heart is heavy on the dark sauce ( he’s funny) you will be swept up into the storm or the weather of the moment. Let it be known there is a massive clean up in full effect. Spring Cleaning moved on into summer! Watch your step – it’s slippery when wet with emotion…don’t get swept up in it. He…is Simply Amazing and it is my honor to relay his visual and his message 🙌🏼 👁



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