Be Still and Know your Truth. You did not come here to create Hell for yourself or others to feel therefore experience. You come from the Light. You came here to shine the light that you are.

I hear: “You know where you’re at on the spectrum of Light based on how you feel inside. Darkness feels sad and heavy. Light feels fun and loving.

Pay attention to what contributes to what. Continue to clean and clear out darkness as you go about. That’s what’s happening at this time. Right here, right now, collectively. Meaning personal and universally. That is it and that is all. Don’t take it personal. This house cleaning has been a long time coming and you all know it. This is old dark shit being released. Period. Stay focused on the fact that We are One. Judge others not. Help each other start a new. Chose it. Chose it. Chose it. We are One. When one hurts. We all hurt. When one heals. We all heal. We are all different aspects of One Divine Source. Keep your focus on yourself and the part you’re playing (contributing) to the whole.

Not sure what I’m talking about. Read this again. Still not sure? Have another drink and stick your head in the sand a little deeper. Maybe the next “storm” will get you to choose Love.

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