Ask your Heart


If you honestly think you are not watched ever so closely by All, That Collective Oneness from which our life force is (sourced) from, think again. Then stop “thinking” for one moment (time it) and ask your heart who you are and what your all about. Ask your heart if you serve the light of it all or if you feed the darkness of this world. Your heart will not lie. It will always make you feel the Truth. Why? Because it is sacred. “It matters not how you look on the outside. What matters is who you are and the power you serve on the inside within your sacred heart.” I’m not even sure if you all can see the images in this video or if it’s just my eyes at this point but they are showing me some intense scenes they wish to be shared and this information known: “Nothing is hidden in the kingdom of heaven and anybody that is paying any kind of attention knows that the kingdom of heaven is within you.” Correct? – Yeshua The quoted specifically (Zachariah & The Christ Conscious Collective for the rest of it) ✌🏼



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