AMGs Notes in the Key of Life May 15, 2019

img_4160I attempted to protest a few days ago…😂 “Taking a break” I yelled loudly in my mind. “I’m good for now! Sensory overload maybe. I don’t know. Maybe this. Maybe that…Blah, blah, blah, Ooo la la la hoopla!”

Yes of course! Take as long as you need BUT know…All have committed and there is no going back now…BUT not to worry Dear One: We will just hang out and wait, here and there and everywhere, minding our own business of course. We shall enjoy our “break” beloved. Until you decide to start again. Then everywhere I look and I do mean everywhere I see my entire team trying to blend in with the scenery! Apparently “the veil” is gone form me.  Me: Oh Dear Lord.

Yeshua chimes in with, I AM present and I AM ever patient as well Beloved. (I can feel his amusement within me) He responds “Amused I AM”. He continues with: it’s too late to turn back now. And, we have already done the hard work anyhow…it’s already done. Remember. (A statement, not a question)

Now, we just need to stay present, focused and guided so that we can bring in the rear with as much ease and grace as possible. 😂 This is classic Yeshua: The one known as Jesus Christ. He speaks to me in stories or “tongue and cheek”. I don’t even know what that means exactly. He said it. I didn’t. Like above. He used two “buts” back to back. And then ends this with the reference to “the rear”. Implying that he is speaking of all the stubborn ass’s that are keeping the collective from ascending as one unit.

Yes, You’ve got it right. He states before I can formulate my thought. No One gets left behind. We are taking the dip shits with us? I thought it was free will? He says: They don’t remember. They know not what they do. Then, once I was lost but now I’m found. No one gets left behind. Understand. Yes. I get it.

His ask is literally a statement. He is so tight and at Oneness that his questions and the answers ARE one. He knows your answer already. Like when he asked me to “Be the Bridge”. I agreed without words but what exactly is that? 😂 This here – same shit!

He (his vibration) is very persuasive. He is pure, true Love. And it isn’t in a push over kind of way. His way is strong and it is wise. It is thoughtful and caring. This being is righteous and loyal not just to me but to all. No matter what. Wow…♥️

Feeling his heart makes my heart ache to be like his. It’s absolutely beautiful…simply amazing. His love vibe clears my mind and fills my heart up completely.  I can’t remember why the heck I was so upset and low now. 😂 He says he’s taking me: then starts sings, to the point of no return…🎶. I found this funny until it hit me…what he just said. I can feel my heart expand. Yes. Please!

Good: Keep your focus on Love. Be open to and allow Love in. Just Love. All Love. Only Love. Be Love. Give Love. Receive Love. Eat Love. Drink Love. Breathe Love. Live Love. Soak it all the way in and it will lift you all the way up and out.

Me (completely Love Drunk by now): Lead me. Show me. Guide me….home. I AM all in if you want to blow shit out of the water too my brother.  Boots on the ground locked and loaded. Back on the job.  Andale…Let’s Roll. LOL Stand down….for now. (Smiles) and he fades away.

That is literally how this kind of communication goes down for me!

Me and My Life.


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